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Commission Composition

SeatCommissionerTerm Expiration
1Janell Coleman09/03/2023
2Barbara Cardinal09/03/2023
3Suzanne Heim-Bowen02/05/2024
4Karl Livengood08/01/2018
5Shirley Lorenz03/04/2024
6Jaime Miller06/20/2021
7Hon. John Minney10/03/2022
8Fred Sahakian09/03/2023
9Jessica Selvin03/17/2022
10Ri Scott09/03/2023
11Diane Sprouse01/03/2022
12Samantha Ybona09/03/2023
13Donna Warnken-Brill06/30/2024
Y1*Rushil Roy03/04/2024
Y2*Charles Gu03/04/2024

NOTE: As of July 11, 2020, there are no current vacancies on the Commission. However, we do accept rolling applications for consideration, in the event that a Commissioner resigns to opts not to renew their term.

Non-Voting Members

The Commission may appoint an unlimited number of non-voting members to advise or provide experience. Commissioners Emeritus are usually appointed to honor of long-serving members who have contributed significantly to the Commission over a long period of time. Advisors to the Commission are appointed as subject matter experts who can advise the Commission on the performance of its duties.

Harvey SamuelsCommissioner Emeritus05/06/2020